Benefits Of Nutrition Clinical Studies

It seems as if a new diet is developed every day. Many of these eating plans are rehashes of another plan. Others have no scientific basis behind them and could actually cause harm to those who follow them. Through nutrition clinical studies, it is possible to learn much about food, supplements, nutritional products and their effects on humans.

At the basic level this research focused on food and food products. A study may consider starch and how it is metabolized in the body. It might look at the different sources of starches to see if all have the same effects on humans. Other research may look to see the interaction of consuming various foods together.

Biosciences and biotechnology have made many positive impacts on the world’s food supply. However, many are asking if these foods are safe for consumption. They may wonder about the effect of GMO crops or the effects of antibiotics on the meat on the table. While many people have opinions, it is only through this type of scientific research that answers are found.

In the pharmaceutical industry, new drugs must be tested for their interaction with the food one consumes. In addition, it is important to know if the new drug interferes with the absorption of nutrients from the diet. The study helps to eliminate or substantiate a hypothesis about the effects of new drugs on patients from a nutritional point of view.

As humans are high on the food chain, the feeds consumed by the animals that will be part of one’s diet also affect the human. Research in agricultural feeds allows the farmer to maximize his profit by reducing time until the animal is ready for the market, while considering how this will affect the consumer. Allowing farmers to safely produce more food at lower cost ultimately benefits the consumer with lower grocery costs while ensuring human health.

Even personal and health care products have an effect on the foods one consumes. As they absorb through the skin, these products can affect the chemical balance of the human body. Skeptics of the absorption need only to look at nicotine patches which help curb a smokers cravings to see an example of these effects. As the chemical balance of the body is affected, the digestive system may be altered with positive or negative results.

Many nutritional products are sold with unsubstantiated claims. They rely on testimonials of supposed users of the product. However, to see the result of these products, they should undergo scientific research. The research can help to substantiate claims and to identify possible side effects of using the herbal or mineral supplement.

Sometimes science can benefit the human race. At other times, what is seen as advancement is later found to cause damage. Before foods make their way to grocer’s shelves, it pays for producers to ensure they are providing a safe product for the consumer. Research and testing is a critical step in the development of new products and making improvements on older ones.

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