Saffron Extract and Weight Loss

The Benefits of 

SaffronDr. Oz is the person that has brought many natural weight loss options to fame. Saffron extract is one of these products. It is often called a “miracle appetite suppressant” but is this really so? Learning more about the origin of saffron extract, the manner in which it acts and the clinical studies carried out by medical professionals will help you decide whether to use this product to facilitate your weight loss efforts.

Saffron crocus or Crocus sativus as it is also known grows in several Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. It is a highly praised and very popular spice that is determining for the incredible taste of many dishes. Saffron has been recognized, cultivated and used since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Apart from being used to flavor dishes, saffron has long been recognized as a medicinal plant. It was used to treat issues like indigestion, coughing, insomnia, skin diseases and psychological issues like depression.

pic-of-saffron-extract-flowerThe extract gotten from this plant’s dried stigmas is calorie-free and advertised as a powerful appetite suppressant. This quality determines its use as a weight loss product. Saffron extract is especially useful for people who engage in emotional eating. Such cravings appear whenever a person is feeling lonely, bored, stressed or unhappy. Controlling such cravings can be a mission impossible because food turns into a coping mechanism.

The active ingredient of saffron extract enters the digestive system and gets absorbed in the blood stream. It reaches the brain and stimulates serotonin production. The result is a feeling of satiety and wellbeing that is commonly associated with the emotional food cravings.

Science and Research
Many of the saffron extract’s health benefits have already been proven but does the evidence confirm the weight lossqualities? Several studies confirm the manner in which saffron extract can be used to control cravings and avoid emotional over-eating.

One of the most prominent studies was published in Whole Foods Magazine. It was conducted in 2007 and it involved women who turned to emotional eating to deal with depression and other problems. One group of volunteers was given saffron extract and the second group was given a placebo.

The women who took saffron extract decreased snacking by 55.18 percent in comparison to 27.7 percent in the control group. The reduction in appetite experienced by the women taking saffron extract was 84 percent.

A second study was carried out in 2010 and the results were presented in Nutrition Research magazine. The study involved 60 female volunteers who were mildly overweight. All of the volunteers confirmed that they were emotional eaters. The experiment continued over a period of eight weeks. During this period, the women were divided in two groups and given either saffron extract or the placebo.

For a start, the women in the group taking saffron extract registered a bigger weight loss than the women in the control group. The mean snacking frequency decreased significantly, as well. None of the ladies that took the extract experienced unpleasant side effects, which led researchers to conclude that the supplement is generally safe for usage by anyone.

Benefits and Reviews
Saffron extract can prove to be the answer for so many people that use food as a source of comfort. Sugary foods and other snacks that emotional eaters consume can lead to a food addiction that can be very difficult to overcome. By stimulating satiety and a feeling of wellbeing, saffron extract can break the vicious cycle and make craving control a bit easier.

There are several additional health benefits worth mentioning in connection to saffron extract. Many women rely on the extract to deal with PMS. Several studies confirm the efficiency of saffron to decrease the severity of the PMS symptoms.

Some evidence suggests that saffron extract could also be beneficial for treating Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. A study shows that particular saffron-containing supplements could deliver results similar to the action of prescription medications for the condition.

Research has also established that saffron could be used for the treatment of male infertility. Other medical conditions and issues that saffron could possibly be used for include asthma, chronic pain, premature ejaculation, a range of digestive issues and atherosclerosis.

All of these health benefits and the ability of saffron to stimulate weight loss have led to the supplement’s endorsement by celebrities like Dr. Oz. The supplement was presented during the show and a mini-experiment was carried out to test its efficiency. The experiment involved two volunteers who were both emotional eaters and who found it easier to control cravings after trying the extract.

Saffron is natural and it is commonly used in food preparation. As such, it is generally considered safe. To figure out whether saffron extract is the right weight loss supplement for you, schedule a meeting with your physician or with a nutrition expert.

Physicians suggest that saffron extract usage is safe for a period of six weeks but some possible side effects include changes in appetite, dry mouth and headaches. It is important to stick to recommended daily dosages for optimal results. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consume the amounts of saffron found in food but avoid higher concentrations.

It has been used for centuries to make food tastier and to deliver an all-natural cure for a range of medical issues. Today, the health benefits of saffron are being rediscovered. Research suggests that it could be great for people trying to lose weight. If you are an emotional eater, giving saffron a try could make the task ahead of you a lot easier.


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