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raspberryRaspberry Ketones Health Benefits on Weight Loss

Weight loss – the ultimate goal that so many people are incapable of achieving! Finding the right kind of product to assist efforts can certainly make the task a lot easier. The problem is that such a diversified market has many opportunities to offer, some of which delivering better results than others.

Raspberry ketone supplements are one of the all-natural weight loss possibilities. Understanding what raspberry ketones are and how they function will be one of the prerequisites for making an informed selection. Such supplements have become exceptionally popular lately and this article is dedicated to helping you figure out whether they can help you lose weight faster.

The flavor of raspberries is produced by raspberry ketones – aromatic molecules that are often used to flavor raspberry foods, drinks and desserts. Raspberry ketone is found in various kinds of berries but the concentration is highest in the red raspberries.

The red raspberry is incredibly beneficial and it has long been a part of a balanced, healthy diet. The little berries contain high quantities of vitamins A, C and E, beta carotene and anti-oxidants. They are native of Central Asia, Europe and Northern Africa.

Scientists have been studying the molecular structure of raspberry ketone and they made an interesting discovery. The molecule is quite similar to capsaicin – the substance that gives chili peppers their heat. Capsaicin has been studied for its weight loss benefits and researchers concluded that the similarity in molecular structure could makeraspberry ketones capable of delivering similar results.

How does raspberry ketones deliver their benefits? Adiponectin is a hormone that is naturally found in the human body. It has fat burning qualities. Proper levels of adiponectin in the body regulate metabolism and prevent the storage of excess fat. An imbalance could make an individual more prone to gaining weight.

Raspberry ketones stimulate the release of adiponectin. As a result, they prevent fats from being stored in the body and they speed up metabolism. Studies suggest that raspberry ketones can prevent the accumulation of fat underneath the skin and around the organs. The aromatic compounds could also be used to prevent a condition known as fatty liver.

Raspberry_ketoneScience and Research
Researchers have began examining the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones recently and there are a few studies suggesting that the aromatic compounds could have an effect on the adiponectin synthesis in the body.

The results of one experiment were presented in the Life Science journal in 2005. Researchers used mice that were fed a high-fat diet to figure out whether raspberry ketone could prevent the accumulation of fat and the weight gain associated to it.

For 10 weeks, the mice were given either a high or a medium concentration of raspberry ketone extract. There was a control group, as well. The mice that were given the highest concentration of raspberry ketone extract experienced a much smaller weight gain than the mice in the other two groups. The extract was also responsible for preventing fatty liver in the mice, regardless of the diet.

A study involving human volunteers tested the effects of several weight loss supplements at the same time. The volunteers that participated in the study were given capsaicin, raspberry ketones, garlic, ginger and caffeine. There was a control group that was given placebo instead of the natural weight loss supplements.

At the end of the experiment, the volunteers who had been given weight loss supplements had lost an average of 7.8 percent of their body weight. The volunteers in the control group lost solely 2.8 percent. Researchers concluded that the combination was effective but they could not figure out which of the natural extracts contributed to the weight loss the most.

raspberry3Benefits and Reviews
Raspberry ketones have natural origin, which means that they are considered 100 percent safe. Apart from the weight loss benefits, they are connected to several other health effects that deserve to be mentioned.

Raspberry ketones are great for protecting cells against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress and the activities of free radicals result in faster cell aging and these could also be responsible for increasing the risk of cancer development. Several studies have shown that raspberry ketones can slow down or prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Supplements containing raspberry ketones can also be used to regulate high blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, decrease the risk of experiencing food-induced allergies and provide reliable protection against both bacterial and virus-related diseases. All of these health benefits increase the appeal of raspberry ketone and make it a suitable addition to one’s balanced diet.

All of these findings have led to a “raspberry ketone frenzy” that started on TV and spread to other media, as well. The all-natural supplement was presented during the Dr. Oz Show and it was given significant exposure in other programs. After these initial presentations, the popularity of raspberry ketone supplements increased so much that they became very difficult to find.

Physicians suggest that weight loss is all about making the right kinds of lifestyle changes. Raspberry ketone supplements can help but they are incapable of delivering miraculous results. Eliminating harmful foods from one’s diet and working out will be essential for getting the best results. The reliance on a high quality natural supplement can speed up the process and deliver even more significant weight loss.

Choosing the right raspberry ketone concentration and sticking to the manufacturer’s recommendations is the key to experiencing the benefits. If you are interested in starting a raspberry ketone weight loss program, you may consider talking to your physician first. There are no serious side effects but talking to a doctor is the right preliminary step you should undertake.

Some people who try raspberry ketone supplements experience mild side effects like feelings of jitteriness. There is no evidence about the manner in which such supplements affect pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you are expecting a child or nursing a baby, you should refrain from trying such products.

Scientific evidence suggests that raspberry ketones can be used to fight obesity and to make weight loss easier. The powerful and aromatic natural substance is a metabolism regulator that has so far delivered promising results during clinical trials. Since it is all-natural, raspberry ketone is a safe possibility that you should test for yourself. The numerous health benefits make it worth the try.


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