Proactol, What’s in it? Does it Work?

Proactol and Its Weight Loss Benefits

Prickly-pear2If you are interested in losing weight, you have definitely heard about Proactol. With an all-natural supplement formula,Proactol is being advertised as one of the most effective weight loss options on the market. Proactol is a fat binder and as such, it prevents lipids from being absorbed. The mix of ingredients delivers several additional weight loss benefits.

Is Proactol the right pick for you? Learning a little bit more about the active ingredients and the manner in which fat binders work can help you choose.

Proactol is a patented fiber complex that is designed especially for weight loss purposes. It contains an organic fat binder that is made from the leaves of Opuntia fiscus-indica. Opuntia fiscus-indica or prickly pear cactus, as it is commonly known, is a native of Mexico but today it is commercially grown all over the world.

The fruits of prickly pear are large and sweet. The cacti are grown at so many locations because of these delicious fruits. The flowers of the cactus can also be eaten.

The younger parts of the plant have also been eaten for many years. They are an important ingredient of traditional medicines for a range of medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels and digestive issues.

Prickly-pear1Prickly pair contains two very important ingredients that make it so suitable for weight loss. It is high in both fiber and pectin. These ingredients deliver the fat binding effect, preventing the absorption of fat molecules in the body. Proactolis an all-natural fat binder, which makes it quite different from other weight loss products.

Fat binders start working almost immediately to deliver gradual and sustainable weight loss. They are different from fat burners, which work by speeding up the burning of fat that has already been stored in the body.

Proactol has been around for several years and the weight loss supplement has a good reputation. Going through clinical studies, however, is essential to confirm its efficiency.

Science and Research
Proactol relies on the power of several active ingredients. Prickly pear is the main fat binder that contributes to the end result because of its significant fiber and pectin content. The other active ingredients include calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, silica, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone and magnesium stearate.

Calcium phosphate dihydrate or dicalcium phosphate is an all-natural ionic salt that is used in a wide range of foods. Silica or diatomaceous earth has a wide range of uses. Food grade diatomaceous earth is great for weight loss and it delivers additional health benefits like lowering high levels of cholesterol in the blood, lowering blood pressure and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Microcrystalline cellulose is non-soluble fiber that makes you feel full and enables you to control cravings. Povidone is an anti-bacterial compound that is used in various health products. Together with prickly pear extract, povidone forms a gel-like substance in the stomach that has a fat binding effect.

The efficiency of prickly pear has been tested through several clinical studies. The results of one such clinical trial were published in 2013 in Obesity journal. The experiment involved 125 overweight volunteers. They started a weight loss regime including exercise and a balanced diet. Half of the volunteers were given prickly pear extract and the other half were in the control group.

After 12 weeks, researchers took measure of the body weight changes. The volunteers who were given prickly pearextract lost an average of 3.8 kilograms (8.4 pounds) in comparison to 1.4 kilograms (three pounds) in the control group. The number of people who lost at least five percent of their body mass was much higher in the group that was given prickly pear extract.

The volunteers that were given prickly pear extract had a higher reduction in body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference, as well. There were no adverse side effects or reactions to the natural supplement, researchers reported.

Benefits and Reviews
The fact that it consists all-natural ingredients makes Proactol a much safer possibility than other weight loss products on the market. The majority of people who tried prickly pear extract experienced no adverse side effects and they were capable of losing weight.

There are several health benefits connected to using prickly pear extract. The stems of the cactus have long been used as a natural diabetes remedy because of their ability to lower blood sugar levels. Research shows that a single dose can decrease blood sugar levels by anywhere between 17 and 46 percent.

Prickly-pear4Prickly pear extract can also be used for the treatment of enlarged prostate, high blood cholesterol levels, colitis, diarrhea and viral infections.

Researchers have found out that all parts of the prickly pear cactus are safe for usage. The same applies to Proactol. Some mild side effects are possible and these include upset stomach, bloating and headaches.

There is insufficient evidence about the effect of Proactol in the case of pregnancy. Women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid starting a weight loss program. All other individuals can consider a consultation with a physician before starting a Proactol weight loss plan.

Proactol has been proven to work in various clinical trials, which sets it apart from the many other weight loss possibilities that the market has to offer. Additionally, the manufacturer has provided full information about all of the active ingredients. Knowing what pills contain before starting a program is the key to experiencing the benefits without jeopardizing your health. Proactol is safe and all natural. It decreases hunger, it reduces fat absorption and it leads to a decrease in calorie intake. All of these benefits result in sustainable and easy to notice weight loss.

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