Maqui Berry Health and Weight Loss Benefits

Picture-of-Maqui-BerryHave you heard about super foods? Maqui berry is one of the natural products that have gained a lot of popularity lately. Instead of buying supplements, you can opt for fruits and other foods that are nutritional powerhouses. The maqui berry is yet another powerful antioxidant like the goji or acai berry. Is it better than the others? Finding out more about its ingredients and the clinical studies involving the little fruit will help you decide.

Found only in the rainforests of Chile and Argentina, Maqui berry is a deeply purple, sweet berry that the indigenous Mapuche Indians have eaten and cultivated for thousands of years.

This fruit that locals call the Chilean wineberry grows naturally across the whole rainforest region of Patagonia and resembles blackcurrants in size and color. Although the maqui berry became popular in the Western world recently and it has been subjected to limited research, the berry is considered by many scientists to be a super food due to its substantial health-boosting properties.

Additional evidence suggests that maqui berry can be added to a person’s nutritional plan and it will effectively promote weight loss. The effect is going to be quick and all-natural, which determines its safety. Examining a few clinical studies is essential to find out whether the promised results are real.

Science and Research
Tests do suggest that maqui berries contain higher quantities of antioxidants than all other berry varieties. Antioxidants are vitally important for human health because they counter the effect of free radicals and slow down the process of cell aging.

Scientists believe that the maqui berry antioxidant properties come from the high quantities of anthocyanin, a pigment found in the fruit, responsible for the dark purple color of the berry. The specific antioxidant that maqui berries contain is also found in other plants. The concentration in maqui berries, however, is much higher than in other species examined.

Recent studies have shown that this exotic fruit has powerful antibacterial properties, as well. Additionally, maqui berries are high in essential minerals, key vitamins like vitamin C and E and polyphenols. Because of these ingredients, maqui berries can be used to improve health and to slow down the aging process.

When it comes to weight loss, is maqui berry the ultimate and most potent fat burner? A study was carried out at Chobu University in Japan. The results were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study involved mice that were fed a high fat diet. Researchers also examined the effects of anthocyanins on human fat cells.

In 12 weeks, scientists found out that the mice that got a supplement alongside the high fat diet had a significantly lower body weight in comparison to the mice in the control group. Additionally, the supplement decreased the accumulation of fat in tissue, which according to the researchers means maqui berry can be used to assist weight loss in humans.

Benefits and Reviews
Maqui berry can be used to assist weight loss in a number of ways. The berries speed up metabolism and they boost energy levels. Both of these effects can improve the results of workout sessions. The berries will also reduce appetite and possibly enable individuals to take effective preventive measures against metabolic syndrome and weight gain.

The maqui berry itself contains just a few calories and it is packed with useful nutrients. It can be added to a person’s diet without contributing to weight gain.

Apart from this effect, the currently popular super food is capable of delivering a range of other health benefits. It is good for the skin, the hair and the nails since it contains vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for keeping skin youthful, vibrant and wrinkle-free because it stimulates collagen production.

Maqui berry boosts insulin production. Researchers have found out that the fruit has a substantial effect on our insulin production. This means that maqui berry can potentially help people who suffer from diabetes.

Other possible health benefits of the little berry and the supplements derived from it include cancer prevention effect, better cardiovascular health and the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Maqui berries have gotten a lot of media coverage and endorsement, which led to skyrocketing popularity. The weight loss effect of the super berries was presented in People and OK magazines. Maqui berry supplements have received mainly positive customer reviews. People that purchased such products reported that the taste is delicious and that the supplements help with weight loss. No side effects or adverse reactions have been reported.

People who want to experience the health benefits should consume the right amount of maqui berries. Dosage is an important issue, even in the case of natural products. For best results, people who consume the berries should stick to manufacturer recommendations. There is insufficient information about the effect during pregnancy and breastfeeding so it will be safest to avoid the fruit during these periods of time.

Although some people may be skeptical or pessimistic about the qualities of maqui berries, there is overwhelming evidence that the super fruits are to be included among healthiest foods and all-natural supplements. Furthermore, the versatility and effectiveness in weight loss make maqui berries a great addition for anyone who is trying to get fit. The berries are packed with useful nutrients and they improve overall health, which increases their appeal even further.


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