Science & Benefits of Green Bean Coffee Extract

Green Coffee Bean Supplement on Weight Loss

Weight loss pills, programs, diets, supplements – how do you pick the best opportunity? The natural supplement niche has seen numerous dynamic developments lately. More and more people are starting to look for plant-based extracts that will deliver powerful fat burning effects. Green coffee bean extract is one of the opportunities and studies show that this supplement could play a great role in assisting weight loss.pic-of-green-coffee-bean

As the name suggests, the supplement is produced from the unroasted coffee beans. Before it gets roasted, coffee contains large quantities of chlorogenic acid. This is the active ingredient responsible for the weight loss effect.

All kinds and varieties of coffee contain chlorogenic acid. The little green beans have to be roasted and later on grinded to turn into the aromatic drink. Green coffee is very difficult to use for this purpose in its natural form.

The creation of green coffee bean extract starts with soaking the beans. This process makes the extraction of the supplement a lot easier. Some people may wonder whether just drinking coffee will deliver the same results but the amounts of chlorogenic acid in coffee that has been roasted are usually negligible.

Science and Research


People in Brazil and other countries where coffee grows have been using and consuming the green beans for centuries. The roasting process was introduced later on because it made the beans much easier to grind. Researchers today, however, are starting to see why indigenous people were using the green bean as it was.

Studies suggest that chlorogenic acid may be capable of blocking fats from being absorbed. It also energizes and helps for the regulation of blood sugar levels after a meal is consumed. All of these factors are important components of weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid signals to the liver to begin burning the fat that is stored in the body. At the same time, it maintains blood sugars steady and prevents spikes by inhibiting an enzyme known as glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme is responsible for the formation of glucose in the liver. The combined effects of chlorogenic acid contribute to consistent fat burning. Sugars are also prevented from turning into lipids.

There has been one big clinical study that resulted in the tremendous popularity of the extract. The study was carried out in the end of 2012 and it was presented at the American Chemical Society. The results were published in the Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal.

Researchers worked with 16 overweight volunteers whose body mass index (BMI) ranged between 25 and 30. The experiment continued 22 weeks during which one group of volunteers was given chlorogenic acid supplements and the other was given a placebo.

The results were surprising. Six of the volunteers in the group that had green coffee bean extract before each meal returned to the range of normal and healthy BMI. The average weight loss in the group was 17 pounds.

After examining the results of the experiment, Dr. Oz decided to carry out his own clinical trial – one of the biggest projects in the history of the Dr. Oz Show. The experiment involved 100 women who were overweight. They were divided in two groups – one getting the green coffee bean extract and the other getting a placebo. The study continued for two weeks during which the women consumed their normal diet.

Ladies who used the green coffee bean supplement lost an average of two pounds over the course of the two weeks. Members of the control group lost one pound. According to the researchers, chlorogenic acid does work but a supplement needs to contain at least 45 percent chlorogenic acid, in order to deliver weight loss benefits.

bag-of-green-coffeeBenefits and Reviews

The weight loss benefits are easy to understand but green coffee bean extract is connected to various additional advantages.

Researchers say that chlorogenic and caffeic acids are both antioxidants. This means that they counter the negative effects of free radicals and thus slow down the process of cell aging.

Green coffee bean extract is beneficial for people that have high blood pressure. A few studies suggest that the extract can deliver positive results in a period of 28 days. People with hypertension who took the supplement experienced regulation in their blood pressure after the end of the trial.

Some evidence suggests that green coffee bean extract can be used to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

All of these positive effects have led to a quick growth in popularity. The extract got celebrity endorsement and it was presented by Dr. Oz. It was labeled one of the most effective and fast weight loss solutions and Dr. Oz went ahead and called it a “miracle” in a bottle. To prove his point, Dr. Oz organized his own experiment, which suggests that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans can be used to help people lose up to one pound per week without dieting.

People who want to lose weight can choose among a medley of natural supplements. Green coffee bean extract is a popular option on the market. After it was endorsed by Dr. Oz, the demand for the extract grew so much that the supplement was nearly impossible to find. Evidence suggests that green coffee bean supplements can promote weight loss. The benefits, however, depend on the selection of a high quality supplement that contains sufficient quantities of chlorogenic acid.


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