Raw Science of Capsaicin Supplements

Capsaicin is found in many different kinds of chili peppers and it gives them the hot taste. When taken out in the form of capsicum extract, it can be used for the creation of a wide range of health supplements. Capsaicin gained a lot of popularity because of its ability to stimulate weight loss. Wondering whether capsicum extract really works? Here is some more information and research you can use to draw your own conclusions.

bag-of-peppersThe Weight Loss Benefits of Capsaicin Supplements


Capsaicin is the irritant found in chili peppers. Plants like hot peppers need it to protect themselves against different kinds of mammals and some types of fungi. When consumed or when it comes in contact with the skin, capsaicin produces a burning sensation. This burning sensation gives chili peppers their hot taste.

The hotness of a pepper depends on the amount of capsaicin that it contains. Bhut Jolokia chili is the world’s hottest pepper and it has even received its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

When extracted and used for the creation of supplements, capsaicin can deliver a range of health benefits. Weight loss is one of the most prominent advantages and the one that has brought up the popularity of the naturally hot substance.

According to manufacturers, capsaicin-containing weight loss supplements can be used to control cravings, to speed up metabolism and to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Several studies and clinical trials have been carried out to test the efficiency of capsicum extract for weight loss.

Science and Research

Capsaicin-containing foods like chili peppers are considered to be “thermogenic.” This means that the core temperature of the body increases as a result of the consumption. The increase in core temperature speeds up metabolism, which is one of the main reasons for the weight loss effect.

Supplements contain a high concentration of capsaicin, much higher than the quantities found in foods. To get the same effect, dieters will need to eat dozens of some of the hottest pepper varieties. For many people, the task is impossible because they dislike spicy food or they have a digestive issue preventing them from consuming capsaicin-rich products.

The exposure to capsaicin enables dieters control cravings by increasing satiety. The regular use of such supplements is also connected to the consumption of smaller amounts of food. Scientists believe that once the weight is lost, capsaicin supplements can also be used to prevent a regain.

There have been several clinical studies that test the claims about capsaicin and the weight loss results it delivers.

One of the studies was presented in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers carried out a placebo-controlled experiment that continued for a period of 12 weeks. There were 40 women and 40 men participating in the study and all of them had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. The volunteers were divided in two groups – one receiving a capsaicin supplement and the second one being given a placebo.

After 12 weeks, researchers measured BMI and body weight among several other factors. They found out that members of the group that received the capsaicin supplement had lost more fat in the abdominal area, which also resulted in higher overall weight loss. Volunteers who were given capsaicin also had a higher rate of fat oxidation towards the end of the 12 week period.

There have been several other studies, one examining the manner in which capsicum extract affects fat absorption in the body. The results of one such study were published in the Journal of Proteome Research. Rats were fed a high-fat diet and they were also given capsaicin supplements. The rats that were fed the supplement had an eight percent lower body weight than the rats in the control group.

Benefits and Reviews

Capsaicin is also known for a range of additional health benefits. It is often used in ointments applied to the skin for the treatment of issues like pain after surgery, headaches, joint problems, psoriasis and other skin conditions, mouth sores and chronic pain.

When put in a dietary supplement that is taken orally, capsaicin can be used to improve digestion and to kill harmful bacteria that can cause infections.

The supplement gained popularity for its weight loss effects after receiving the endorsement of Dr. Oz. the Dr. Oz Show blog suggests taking 200 milligrams of the extract approximately one hour before working out. Capsaicin will enhance the effect of exercises and help you burn more fat than you usually would during an aerobic session.

Capsaicin supplements are perfectly safe because they have a natural origin. Talking to your physician before giving capsicum extract a try will help you make the most of it without experiencing any side effects. People who have never tried capsaicin before should start with the minimal dosage and gradually increase the amount. In some instances, taking too much of the supplement can result in indigestion. Other than that, supplement takers have reported no serious issues or side effects.


Capsaicin has been consumed for centuries and today, we are starting to discover the numerous health benefits that it delivers. Weight loss is one of the most important results that many people experience after taking capsicum extract supplements. Studies support claims about the efficiency of the natural substance. Starting a capsaicin program is the best way to figure out for yourself whether it is going to deliver the expected health benefits and weight loss results.

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